Where does all your singing come from ?



My 1st ever vinyl recordings were shared recently at Automata in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.


My surprise new spring mini record for Bernie Sanders is here! Take a listen here.


Happy to announce my first Vinyl pressing! After 10 years of recording my first proper 12 inch is here, in the building, secure. This is the first record I’ve made containing only human voices! Please visit my bandcamp to purchase vinyl or digital…




Some other sonic samples from the new record are in this video:
Weatherbeaten Soul, Vinyl release preview from Emily Lacy on Vimeo.I did an outdoor musical in Paris, watch the preview video here.

E Magic Preview
From Everywhere Magic, 2013

Everything seems to collide.

99 Times, produced in collaboration with Women and Their Work Gallery, Austin Texas, 2012.


In 2010 I recorded an album called Country Singer, some samples: earth, man on the mountain

CS - Album Art