First ever Vinyl pressing, with your support !

I would so appreciate it if you would support my first kickstarter campaign - which would enable my first ever Vinyl pressing, as well as a unique film to accompany each of the 10 new songs. This is also the first record I’ve made containing only human voices! Link is here:

Some sonic samples from the new record are in this video:

Weatherbeaten Soul, Vinyl release preview from Emily Lacy on Vimeo.

Also – recently:

My free compilation of 10 songs from 5 albums over 6 years

I did an outdoor musical in Paris, watch the preview video here.

E Magic Preview

From Everywhere Magic, 2013

I am looking for  Studio Interns to help me make things.

Everything seems to collide.


99 Times, produced in collaboration with Women and Their Work Gallery, Austin Texas, 2012.

My newest set of recordings called “Rise” profiled by Drew Denny in the LA Weekly, are available for free.

1) look ma, I once made the LA Times paper !

2) a previous album ‘Country Singer’ (2010) is available for sale! mail order will never die. (see paypal link below)

3) a little preview from country singer: earth, man on the mountain

CS - Album Art

Country Singer