Temples of the Mind

A commissioned performance residency at LACMA, December 2009-January 2010.  This is the 2nd of such projects I have conducted. Performance residencies entail 1) A site, 2) The production of a specific visual and sonic environment for that site, 3) A series of performances to take place in that site, with or without audience, and 4) Recordings or images captured from the environment in the form of site-specific albums, films, radio stations, or other media.


This particular project sees the playing out of information and music cycles across a whole series of delay pedals and small amplifiers, creating a complex network of sounds, voices, and instruments across a large space: The Pavilion for Japanese Art at LACMA, designed by Bruce Goff. In all there are 5 stations generating sound, each on a different deck of the Pavilion, all standalone pieces, connected only by the human ear.


“Emily Lacy: Step Away from the Robe” LA Record, 1/14/10

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“Emily Lacy Debuts ‘Temples of the Mind’ at LACMA, Machine Project Celebrates Book Release” LA WEEKLY 12/4/09


Thursdays-Sundays 3-7pm, through January 31.  Primarily in the Pavilion for Japanese Art, and occasionally in the form of a Hermit’s Cabin on the Plaza.  Did you know this could happen at LACMA?


A preview video in anticipation of the Residency:

Preview: Temples of the Mind at LACMA from Emily Lacy on Vimeo.


Photos by the lovely Marianne Williams. Videos shot by Jimmy Fusil.