On KCHUNG Radio in Los Angeles talking about legacies of radical history in American folk music, and other things with Carol Cheh on Performance Now, 4/2016

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“The music of country balladeers in the Elysian Fields in the afterglow of a mildly apocalyptic future, the dogged hum of space cowgirls long after the range went galactic, (way past folk gone electric), the music dreams the dream of all the places I want to end up in the end of the long day’s journey into night and never really do.” – Review of the Ecce show from Andrew Berardini / Art Slant 8/2010 (Ecce is a new collaboration I have with Ezra Buchla)

“If Nashville Skyline Bob Dylan and Lion and the Cobra Sinead O Connor had a music baby, it would sound a lot like Emily Lacy.”
- Nikki Darling

“…intergalactic cowgirl in mourning.”
- Jessica Hopper

“Her voice is very pure soprano and bell-like–very unrock, very virginal–but there is a quiet darkness to her. The album is 60s folk notched up into a really ethereal level. Plus she uses ‘baby’ in every song.”
- Jessica Hopper

“…the museum is electric tonight.”
- Ghendy Alimurung, LA Weekly

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